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Hard-hit timber industry turns toward salvage

With up to three year's worth of harvest timber destroyed or damaged, the odds of salvaging much volume or value are slim, and the clock is ticking.

Bob Daniels, forestry specialist with Mississippi State University's Extension Service, said preliminary estimates indicate Hurricane Katrina damaged $1.3 billion worth of timber on 1.2 mi...


Survey shows Mississippi cities and towns thinking greener

A recent Mississippi State survey finds that civic leaders around the state support the establishment of urban and community forestry projects to enhance their communities.

Urban forestry specifically focuses on the management of trees and forests in urban settings to foster social, environmental and economic benefits.

The u...


Organizations Partner to Promote Economic Development, Fight Climate Change

Over the next few days, more than 100 acres of land along the Mississippi River outside Greenville and Cleveland will be transformed in the fight against climate change. This week, personnel from the Carbon Fund, Entergy, and Mississippi State University's Forest and Wildlife Research Center will plant over 33,000 hardwood trees in a partnership...


MSU alumnus now leading MSU forestry department

A Mississippi State alumnus who most recently was sustainable forestry program manager for a nonprofit research institute is the new head of the university's forestry department.

After 15 years with the North Carolina-based National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, James P. Shepard returned to his alma mater this week to lead t...


MSU student forestry group sweeps national competition

For the sixth year, Mississippi State's student chapter of the Society of American Foresters is ranked among the top in the nation.

The 41-member university organization recently earned a first place as the 2003-04 overall outstanding student chapter, as well as placing first in the 2003-04 SAF Student Chapter Web site competition.


MSU survey: Most regional forest landowners underserved

A new Mississippi State study finds that nearly 75 percent of Mid-South forest landowners fail to take advantage of available educational and professional resources.

A recent survey by the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center focused on individuals owning 10 or more acres of forestland in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, ...


Collegian lumberjacks compete March 25-27 in MSU-hosted event

An estimated 300 student lumberjacks from 14 universities will gather near the Mississippi State campus late next week to test their skills in a variety of logging events, including one qualifying competition that could lead to a national collegiate championship.

The 47th Association of Southern Forestry Clubs' Conclave at MSU's John W...


Auburn, MSU finish 1-2 in collegiate lumberjacking competition

Auburn University lumberjack Randy Jarzyniecki will advance to the national collegiate lumberjacking championship this summer after winning a regional qualifying event hosted by Mississippi State.

Mississippi State's Jeremy Copley, a 28-year-old senior wildlife and fisheries major from Williamson, W. Va., finished in second place.



MSU study analyzes economic impact of marine resources

A new Mississippi State study confirms that commercial sport fishing is both good recreation and very good business—more than $35 million in good business, to be exact.

A recent research project by the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center focused both on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the state as a whole. Forestry graduate...


MSU research helps analyze, minimize Southern forest fire risks

A recently completed multi-state study at Mississippi State will help forest managers better predict fire risks and patterns in the South.

The analysis by the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center covered more than 100 million acres in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and eastern Oklahoma and Texas. The...


MSU student forestry group again tops among peers

Mississippi State's student chapter of the Society of American Foresters continues among the top organizations of its kind in the nation.

The 50-member university chapter recently placed first in the 2003 SAF Student Chapter Web site competition and now is ranked third overall in the outstanding student chapter rankings.



Two MSU studies focus on needs, benefits of urban forestry

In two separate but related projects, Mississippi State is working to help small state and regional municipalities strengthen their urban forestry plans and programs.

Simultaneous efforts of the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center, each will focus on the relatively new area of forestry that emphasizes uses and benefits of ...


MSU continues study of fee-based wildlife recreation attitudes

Following up on an earlier two-year research effort, a new Mississippi State study is examining landowner attitudes and perceptions of fee-based wildlife recreation on private lands.

Hunting and fishing on non-industrial, private lands are among outdoor activities for which enthusiasts often will pay a fee. In a 1996-98 Forest and Wild...


New equation adds up to better weight estimates for standing timber

A Mississippi State forestry professor is providing a better way to predict the "delivered" weight of standing Southern pines.

Associate professor Robert C. Parker and other scientists at the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center have developed a mathematical formula that gives forest resource managers the ability to accura...


Student forestry group at MSU maintaining high standards

Mississippi State's student chapter of the Society of American Foresters is again among the top organizations of its kind in the nation.

The 80-member university chapter finished second in the 2001-02 SAF Outstanding Student Chapter Awards competition. The honor recognizes a chapter's leadership and participation in professional and...


MSU study: Color forest industry economic impact very green

A recently completed Mississippi State report shows just how much of the state's economy rests in the shade of its vast forestlands.

While it's well known that forestry is important to the state, most residents may not appreciate that "the more than 18 million acres of forestland in Mississippi means trees cover two-thirds of the state'...


Project explores forest products industry needs

Mississippi State's Forest and Wildlife Research Center is beginning an assessment of both company and individual employee needs in the state's forest products industry.

Commissioned recently by the Mississippi Development Authority, the five-month project will employ a cluster analysis to identify ways to enhance the competitive advant...


MSU helping space center with natural resource management

There's much more to Hancock County's John C. Stennis Space Center than high-tech laboratories and giant rocket engine test stands. The latest in space-age technology exists along with virtually every species of wildlife represented in South Mississippi.

The almost 16,000 acres—about 25 square miles—that encompass the National A...


Mississippi State studies investment perceptions of stocks versus trees

When it comes to investments, most Mississippi landowners feel more secure with their money in wood chips rather than blue chips.

A recent survey by Mississippi State University's Forest and Wildlife Research Center and Social Science Research Center asked landowners about their acceptable rates of return for stocks, bonds and other fin...


MSU survey helps answer some forest industry questions

A majority of Mississippians have generally positive attitudes toward forestry and would like additional information about the forestry community.

Those are among findings from a statewide survey of public perceptions of the state's $11.9 billion forest industry. The yearlong effort recently was completed by Mississippi State Univers...


Poultry litter examined as fertilizer for forests

Traditionally, poultry litter has been spread as a fertilizer on pastures located in the 34 poultry-producing counties in Mississippi.

But a combination of long-term land application of poultry litter and decreases in pastureland has made this valuable byproduct too much of a good thing. The nutrient storage capacity of the soil in th...


MSU builds timber info file on area counties, looks statewide

A pilot project at Mississippi State to help professionals generate precise county-level timber resource information could attract new forest-related industries and enhance existing businesses if applied statewide.

A computer program developed by the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center uses inventory data to develop count...


MSU forestry student group again tops among peers

Mississippi State University's student chapter of the Society of American Foresters is again the top group of its kind in the nation.

The 80-member university organization finished first in the 2000-01 SAF Outstanding Student Chapter Awards competition. The achievement recognizes professional and service activities at the local, stat...


MSU web-based software provides new tools for forestry valuations

New web-based software developed at Mississippi State University makes estimation of timber and timberland investment values easier.

FORVAL-Online, a forestry investment tool for forest valuation and investment analysis developed at MSU's Forest and Wildlife Research Center, is available on the Internet at


Do you reforest? Why not? New MSU study provides answers

Mississippi's more than 18 million acres of forestland annually contribute about $1.25 billion in timber sales to the state's economy.

Despite this, concerns about the future of the major natural resource are being raised because significant numbers of landowners do not reforest their harvested timberlands. The decline comes despite th...


MSU senior named national Mo Udall Fellow

A Mississippi State forest resources management major is among some 80 university and college students receiving national scholarships that memorialize a leading environmentalist.

Senior Amanda L. Grau of Marion, Ky., is a 2001 Morris K. Udall Foundation Fellow. The $5,000 fellowship will support her further study of the environment a...


Urban forestry growing new MSU academic option

A new area of specialization for Mississippi State students is addressing a need for professionals who can manage trees in towns and cities.

University majors in the College of Forest Resources' urban forestry option learn to take care of trees along city streets and in municipal parks, private woodlots and utility right-of-ways. Pote...


Hunting offers possible new income source for landowners

A newly released Mississippi State study shows fee hunting to be an underused, but possibly significant, income source for state landowners.

The results of four university surveys--two statewide and one each in the Delta and Gulf Coast areas--show that, while 77 percent of landowners surveyed allow hunting of some type on their land, mo...


MSU studies effects of forestry practices on water quality

Determining how well current forest management practices protect water quality is the goal of a research project by scientists at Mississippi State's Forest and Wildlife Research Center.

Funded, in part, by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the university study is examining Best Management Practices-BMPs-used on intensively ...


Study saves and uses trees' natural variation

Researchers at Mississippi State University are collecting samples of cottonwood trees in the Southeast to preserve the genetic diversity of this species.

Eastern cottonwood is an important contributor to forestry in the United States and other countries, with attributes that make it potentially even more important in the future. ...


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