MSU forestry, forest products programs reaccredited


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Posted: 8/15/2008


The Society of American Foresters is reaccrediting Mississippi State's academic program in forestry through 2017.

The university major includes five bachelor-degree options: environmental conservation, forest management, forest products, urban forestry, and wildlife management.

SAF is recognized by the Council on Post-secondary Accreditation and U.S. Department of Education as the sole accrediting body for forestry education.

In addition to the SAF, the major's forest products option is receiving reaccreditation from the Society of Wood Science and Technology. It is the only one in the nation holding this dual recognition.

"Forestry has been continuously accredited since 1966 and the forest products option has been accredited since 1987," said department head Jim Shepard. "Forestry also is the only accredited four-year program of its kind in Mississippi."

Dean George Hopper said the continuation of SAF's professional sanction follows an extensive and voluntary review process.

"The College of Forest Resources has trained students for leadership roles since 1954 and this recent notification by the society allows us to continue that critical mission," he added.

Hopper noted that the forest products option "also is one of just 10 in the nation with accreditation from the Society of Wood Science and Technology."

Hopper and Shepard are graduates of the college, which offers a second major in wildlife and fisheries. Four options in that major include conservation law enforcement, fisheries and aquaculture science, wildlife pre-veterinary medicine, and wildlife science.

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