Online seminar answers lumber values questions


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Posted: 3/1/2013


Mississippi State University is offering a free webinar to help those in the timber business understand the changes being made this summer to lumber measurements and standards.

Southern Pine Design Values will be offered free online March 18 from 9 a.m. to noon. Registration is free, and only those registered will receive a link to the webinar.

"Recent changes in the design values of Southern pine lumber will affect us all," said David Jones, event organizer and MSU Extension Service professor in the Forest and Wildlife Research Center's Forest Products Department. "The strength properties of pine lumber are scheduled to change in a few months, changing the way new buildings will be designed and built."

"It has already changed the way that timber is bought and sold," Jones said. "Some landowners are already having difficulty selling their timber because of the upcoming changes."

The online workshop will address what design values are and how they are measured, what causes design values to change, and what the upcoming changes will mean to lumber producers, landowners and end users.

Contact Jones at (662) 325-8454 or for more information.

The event is sponsored by the MSU Extension Service and the Forest and Wildlife Research Center.

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